Our Fairfield Dental Clinic

A warm and relaxing atmosphere

KaVo Estetica E50 Dental Chair as used at Care For Smiles

The Care For Smiles Dental Clinic has modern equipment and technology including Digital X‑Rays, Intraoral Camera and Caries Fluorescence Detection.

For anxious patients we also offer oral and nitrous oxide (happy gas) sedation.

Our Clinic offers a warm and relaxing atmosphere with candles and music/DVDs, or, if you prefer, streamed news, sporting events and videos.

Minimising Environmental Impact

To minimise our environmental impact, we have chosen to use Phosphor Storage Plates (PSP) for x‑ray imaging to avoid the use and disposal of chemicals. Digital x-ray imaging also reduces x-ray exposure to clients and staff.

Our patient records, including x‑rays and images, are stored electronically to minimise paper usage. We also recycle cardboard and plastics and dispose of wastes using acceptable and approved practices.


Our Fairfield building is energy efficient with solar hot water and LED lighting. We purchase our electricity from Momentum Energy's Smilepower, a 100% renewable energy option. Solar p-v cells will be installed soon.

We have also designed an "edible garden" with herbs, seasonal vegetables and fruit trees (apples, olives, and a variety of citrus and stone fruits) to be shared with our staff and patients.

Infection Control

Care For Smiles uses disposable or single use items according to best practice infection control protocols. Our clinic set up and procedures are based on ADA (Australian Dental Association) infection control protocols.

We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding our infection control policies and procedures.

Dental Surgery Features - major items

  • Dental Chair: KaVo Estetica E50
  • Intraoral Camera: KaVo
  • X-Ray Unit: Gendex Expert DC X-ray with Digital Phosphor Storage Plates (PSP) and ScanX processor
  • Caries Fluorescence Detection: Air Techniques
  • Nitrous Oxide Sedation: Air Liquide
  • Autoclave: Mocom Millennium B and GKE Tracking system
  • Dental Software: Centaur Software's Dental 4 Windows
  • Dental Surgery Cabinetry: Magic Kitchens and Furniture, Coburg
  • Dental Hardware and Consumables: Henry Schein Halas

Building Contractors

Care For Smiles thanks the efforts of our contractors in setting up our new surgery, including

  • Ian Johnson from N.G.K. Property Services. (Phone 0418 501 011)
    Project supervision including carpentry, electrical, plumbing and painting.
  • Sam Osigli from Osigli Tiles And Stone. (Phone 0419 376 590)
  • Don Spaseski from UC Excavations Pty Ltd. (Phone 0401 195 847)
    Concreting works.
  • Anthony Cancilla (Phone 0430 442 362)
    Floor Sanding and Polishing.
  • Vasili from Vasili's Garden Design & Landscape (Phone 1300 627 374)