Maintaining Good Oral Health

To maintain good oral health, Care For Smiles recommend a balanced diet, brushing at least twice a day, flossing once a day, drinking water frequently and attending regular (6 monthly) check-ups at the dentist.

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The following products can also assist in maintaining good oral health. These products are available from Care For Smiles.

Images of specific products are for illustrative purposes; alternative brands are also available.

water1 (6K) Water: Fluoridated tap water is the best drink for keeping your teeth clean and mouth moist.
disclotabs (7K) Plaque Disclotabs. Having trouble with kids teeth brushing? Plaque disclotabs is a fail proof way to show your children which areas they miss while they brush.
powerdtbrush6 (3K) Rechargeable powered toothbrush with soft heads. For a perfect dentist clean feel every time, use a powered toothbrush. The gentle but highly effective combination of circular and oscillating movements of the head applies the right pressure in the right angulation. Perhaps the best investment towards maintaining good Oral Care. Note multiple heads - one for each family member.
nf2203 (7K) Neutrafluor 220 alcohol free fluoride mouth wash. Excellent results in improving enamel strength and reduction in decay and sensitivity. (Must be used in conjunction with correct diet, brushing and flossing to achieve best results)
nf50004 (7K) Neutrafluor 5000. High concentration of available fluoride, for stabilising progression of dental decay and also sensitivity. (Must be used in conjunction with correct diet, brushing and flossing to achieve best results)
floss5 (5K) Waxed Dental Floss. To ensure thorough cleansing in between teeth, flossing must be done at least before bedtime.
gel7 (9K) Fluoride gel toothpaste. Use any fluoride gel toothpaste for regular brushing.
biotene7 (6K) Biotene. Dry mouth may be due to chronic illness, prescription medications, or hormonal changes. Usually described as "Burning mouth", or "Furry feeling of the mouth". Biotene may be used for relief of dry mouth symptoms.

Recaldent. Chewing sugar free gum has been proven to reduce caries by stimulating the production of saliva, which neutralizes the plaque acids that cause tooth decay. Recaldent Gum is a special chewing gum that helps overcome the acid attacks from food, bacteria, plaque and mouth acids, which cause tooth decay.

Recaldent gum is available from Care For Smiles.

1 pack (14 pieces) $3.00.

Tooth Mousse Tooth Mousse. Tooth Mousse is a topical paste that provides extra protection for your teeth.
  • Contains CPP-ACP, a revolutionary ingredient that helps to repair and restore tooth enamel.
  • Provides relief for sensitive teeth.
  • Regular use will help protect teeth from decay and make them stronger.
  • Sugar and lactose free, derived from milk protein but not recommended if you havemilk allergies.
  • Melon, Strawberry and Tutti-Frutti flavours.

Tooth Mousse is available from Care For Smiles.

1 tube (40gm) $30.00.