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A sudden toothache is concerning you and you’re thinking who’s the best “dentist near me”? Well, you should relax because your best local dentist Fitzroy Care For Smiles aims to provide top-notch dental treatment, from routine dental check-ups to dental surgeries, using modern dental technology. A bright smile is what keeps a person confident and Care For Smiles advocates a person’s right to a blooming smile. Don’t hesitate before visiting Care For Smiles and we’ll try our level best to make your clinical visit a pleasant one.

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We feel pride in making our patients’ journey towards optimal oral health a successful one. This is all due to our experienced local Fitzroy dentist at Care For Smiles’s healthy working environment to make the patient’s visit a pleasant one. We strive to provide comprehensive dental services including restorative dentistry, general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, and emergency dental care using modern dental procedures. Visit us to enjoy modern dental technology for a healthy smile and pearly whites with the help of your best dentists and orthodontists.







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Call us at (03) 9482 1100 or contact us to book an appointment. or visit our clinic to book an appointment. Our staff will assist you with the requirements or anything else you want. Please feel free to ask any questions to clear up your ambiguities. Your well-being is our top-notch priority!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A sudden toothache might be throbbing or dull and to resolve this dental issue, immediately visit your best local dentist at Care For Smiles.

Absolutely yes, you can try home remedies like salt water rinse, clove oil swishing, cold compress, etc to treat tooth pain. However, if the remedies don’t work, you can visit the dentist for consultation and treatment.

Dealing with dental anxieties is a serious issue because it can delay your dental treatment. You can freely talk to your dentist about dental stress and anxiety. The dentist will help relax your mind so that no stress haunts you.

Handling dental emergencies isn’t an issue if you immediately visit the dentist. Your local dentist at Care For Smiles will immediately diagnose the root cause and treat you accordingly.