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FAQ: About Teeth whitening

Q: My teeth look dark. Can I make them white?


Your teeth reflect your skin tone. Generally darker skinned people have whiter teeth. Your age and lifestyle also contribute to the colour of your teeth.

Factors that can cause discoloration of teeth include

Sometimes, a regular scale and clean by your dentist, and maintaining good oral hygiene habits - not smoking or drinking water after black tea, coffee or red wine - can reduce discoloration of teeth.

During a clean, your dentist will remove most of the surface stains on the teeth. There are also many techniques available to attain a whiter smile, but remember to discuss the options with your dentist before you make a choice.

Care For Smiles offers both On-Chair (Philips Zoom) and Take-Home (Pola day) Whitening kits. The dentist will discuss the best option for you. New patients will need to have a check-up and clean prior to commencing a whitening treatment to ensure their mouth is healthly and that whitening is a suitable option.

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Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening

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1-hour teeth whitening.
Fast, effective, whiter teeth.

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