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Paediatric (Children's) Dentistry

A bad experience at the dentist at a young age can result in lifelong anxiety and reluctance with dental care.

Care For Smiles recommend that parents introduce their child to professional dental care from an early age, ideally at two or three years.

Initial visits may involve the child playing with toys whilst watching Mum or Dad have their teeth cleaned.

This is then followed by allowing the child to have a 'ride' on the dental chair and having their baby teeth counted and polished with a soft brush. These experiences familiarise the child with the Dentist and the dental environment and allows the child to develop little or no anxiety about visits to the Dentist.

If your child is already anxious, the gentle approach of the Care For Smiles team can help alleviate the situation. In some instances we may also recommend the use of oral or nitrous oxide (happy gas) sedation.

Occassionally, referral to a specialist may be required for the management of special needs or highly anxious children.

Care For Smiles recommend a Dental Examination every 6 months for children. Regular professional cleaning and fluoride applications ensure optimum dental health and protection against decay. You will also be alerted early to any areas or issues of concern. Sometimes, fissure sealants may be recommended for your child. Fissure sealants are hard protective coatings to cover and protect the deep grooves (fissures) in teeth and prevent dental decay.

If your child is prone to developing irregular teeth, you will be made aware of this and may be referred to a Specialist for early treatment. Usually it is easier (and cheaper) to correct problems early.

Finally, if your child plays contact sports, Care For Smiles recommends custom fitted mouth guards.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS)

Care For Smiles bulk-bills Medicare directly for eligible dental services performed under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) for eligible children aged 2 to 17. There are no additional out-of-pocket or 'gap' expenses for patients (conditions apply).

More information
About the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS)

The Australian Dental Association (ADA)

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) has a website dedicated to Babies, Toddlers and Kids with clear, unbiased facts.

ADA Information for Babies, Toddlers and Kids (Ages 0 to 10)

Philips Zoom Whitening

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1-hour whitening treatment.
Fast, effective, whiter teeth.

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