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Periodontal Treatment and Surgery

Nurturing Healthy Gums for a Vibrant Smile

Comprehensive Care for Your Gum Health

At Care For Smiles, we prioritise not only the beauty of your smile but also the health of your gums. Our expert team, led by Dr. Rishay Naidoo, is dedicated to providing comprehensive periodontal treatment and surgery to ensure the vitality and stability of your gums.

The Importance of Healthy Gums

Your gums play a crucial role in supporting your teeth, contributing to overall oral health, and even influencing your systemic well-being. Periodontal (gum) health is the foundation of a beautiful and lasting smile.

Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal Treatment: Nurturing Your Gums

Why Choose Periodontal Treatment?

  • Gum Disease Management: Periodontal treatment addresses gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis, preventing their progression and associated complications.

  • Gum Health Restoration: Treatments like scaling and root planning remove plaque and tartar, promoting gum healing and preventing further damage.

  • Personalised Care: Dr. Rishay Naidoo tailors treatment plans to your specific gum health needs, ensuring optimal outcomes.

Periodontal Surgery: Advanced Solutions for Gum Health

Why Choose Periodontal Surgery?

  • Advanced Gum Disease: In cases of advanced periodontitis, surgery may be necessary to address deep-seated issues and restore gum health.

  • Gum Recession Correction: Surgical procedures can correct gum recession, enhancing the aesthetics of your smile and protecting tooth roots.

  • Pocket Reduction: Surgery may be recommended to reduce the depth of gum pockets, minimising the risk of infection and promoting better oral hygiene.

Signs You May Need Periodontal Treatment or Surgery

Periodontal Surgery

Benefits of Periodontal Treatment and Surgery

  • Prevention of Tooth Loss: Effectively treating gum disease helps prevent tooth loss and preserves your natural smile.

  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Addressing gum recession and improving gum health contribute to a more attractive smile.

  • Reduced Oral Discomfort: Alleviating pain, tenderness, and discomfort associated with gum issues.

Common Questions About Periodontal Treatment

With the use of local anaesthesia, patients typically experience minimal discomfort during periodontal procedures. Post-treatment, any mild discomfort can usually be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers.

Recovery times vary based on the specific procedure. Dr. Rishay will provide personalised aftercare instructions and information on expected recovery times.

While advanced gum disease may not be fully cured, effective periodontal treatment can manage the condition, prevent progression, and maintain gum health.

Ready to prioritise your gum health and ensure the longevity of your smile?

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